CBD Tower 

“Building became tower through the union of the elevator and steel frame... any site could now be multiplied ad infinitum to produce a proliferation of floorspace...”


The design of this tower questions the accepted developer driven model producing a proliferation of poorly planned one-bedroom apartments. It focuses on providing a range of well planned accommodation options from family sized apartments to serviced business apartments with access to a business hub in the podium levels.

Currently many large scale apartment towers detach the occupant from their vertical position and sense of place in the city and their place in the local neighbourhood of their building. The tower is broken into 5 level communities based around a garden level. Upon exiting the lift an occupant is able to immediately gauge their location in relation to the city and to their neighbourhood garden level. The garden provides a communal area shared by a smaller community of residents and an opportunity for social encounters and interaction between neighbours.

The atrium garden is visible from all 5 levels within each community. Alternating balconies within the atrium provide shared outdoor space on each level. The shared garden area provides the opportunity for residents to socialise and the formation of a sense of community which is often seen as lost in large high rise buildings. The atrium provides potential for heat regulation, enhanced air quality, shared laundry facilities (for 1 bedroom apartments), localised water storage and community based services monitoring.